2018/06/09 – “Something Nasty” – with James and Mike

Just a little “moto” ride out in west Sooke. We had some rough ideas of what we wanted to ride, and picked a hard path from the Clark area to the East Muir bridge. From there we went looking for a track that James and I had exited on (2018/03/30). We didn’t find it, instead we found a trail marked as “Something Nasty”…

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Old track

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2018/06/03 – Rob, Dave, Mike (+ Gerry and Darren) up near Oliphant / Mt. Wood

Rob Hayward invited me to “do some technical riding” with a friend of his. I extended the invite to Mike (knowing that James was away in Washington). This was a good day of riding, much of it tight and slow single track.


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2018/05/25 – W side of San Juan River and Mt Waterloo

I finally got enough ducks lined up that I could get out for a ride. Mike posted a picture that pointed out that Mt Waterloo is accessible, and I laid out some waypoints a couple weeks back for a possible route up the west side of San Juan river from Fleet to M-Line … which would drop me out pretty close to Mt Waterloo. It seemed like a plan.

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West San Juan & Waterloo
Todd to Fleet 600 (2016/05/21)
Fleet to Pete's pond (2016/11/20)

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2018/05/19 – 30+ km of single track with Mike and Jammer

This was a pretty amazing ride, a quick glance at the GPX track doesn’t tell the whole story.

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2018/05/20 – Search for the lost toolbag, found the “Tugwell Downhill” loop (with James)

So, I lost my toolbag on the Saturday ride. I thought it might have been stolen at the 17 mile pub, but James and I found the straps at the east end of the powerline track in Tugwell east… The conclusion at the time was that someone must have found it….

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Sunday - Downhill Loop
Saturday - Miles of single track

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2018/05/12 – Mt Sicker Mines with James/Jammer

I wanted to put some miles on the 640. The 640 is a darn capable bike, but it is bigger, heavier, and more expensive to fix than the DRZ, all of which means I wanted a somewhat easier track.

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New - with James
Older ride

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2015/05/04 (03-05 really) 2 Nights out with Jammer.

Two nights (Thu/Fri) out in west Sooke. One day of trail clearing (and a hike), and a Saturday limp back home due to a blown wheel bearing.

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2018/04/22 – Road ride – Botanical beach

This was supposed to be 2-up road ride on the 640. It ended up being solo on the DRZ. “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men” and all that.

Oh right, I never wrote this up because there was a bear on the beach, and I _still_ haven’t looked at all the pictures I took with the big lens.