2018/02/03 – Tow job

LIRC trail ride collapsed. Caught up with Luke in Sooke, planned to ride up Tugwell spur and over to Alligator lake. Made the mistake of starting at Clark… which was an error as Tugwell Creek is running high. Ended up towing Luke and his bike to the foot of Anderson.

2018/01/20 – Tugwell East -> Bill James -> Butler, with James and Luke

We managed to squeeze in a nice “aggressive” ride without getting heavily rained on. Colin Beck posted some video of the track up to the (defunct) Bill James dam, and none of us had been up there for a while, so after checking out a track that Luke had found, we headed up that way. We also checked out the foot of Old Young Lake road to see if there was a bypass for the chunk the logging companies removed (sort of), and then headed up “Oil Drum” (or wagonmeister or secret path, pick a name) to Butler, and down Butler to exit (gate was closed — someone said it was “always open these days!?”).

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2018/01/14 – Langford again

Out with Mike and James, staying near Mike’s place while he tries out a “new to him” bike that he bought for his son who will be turning sixteen soon. No pix. May have some video, but it will just be a bit of technical riding.

2017/12/14 – Clark to Muir with James

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “hard” ride. The Jordan Ridge ride was fast enough and scenic enough to be a nice ride, but most of it was doable on a street bike. I’d asked if anyone was interested in a Thursday ride before the rain started on Friday. James messaged me in the morning, so off we went.

Click title to show track
Clark to Muir via Tugwell Spur
Clark-2-Muir Creek Crossing


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2017/12/09 – JDF Ridge, with James and Mike

The backroads mapbook lists a “Jordan Ridge ATV Route”, that I’ve wanted to try for aeons. (Given that I got my motorcycle license about 25 months ago, aeons obviously aren’t a very large unit of time, it _has_ been 100+ posts :). No one else seemed to have any plans, so I figured I’d try it. Then James asked if I had a flywheel remover, and James was in touch with Mike….

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2017/12/03 With Colin Beck and others, Shawnigan to Sooke (again).

Saturday night came, the Sunday forecast looked good, and the only open ride invite I could see was Colin’s, so I made plans to join him (e.g. set an alarm to get up early). Dan stopped into Serious Coffee (the meet-up) to warm his hands, and decided to join us instead of doing a solo road trip on his Ducati Scrambler. Dave (DT-200) and Mark (KTM-350) were part of the expected crowd. (Colin and I are on DRZ-400’s).

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This week
Last week - with Gerry

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2017/11/25 – Shawnigan to West Sooke with Gerry Kramer

A surprisingly long (tiring) ride from Kapoor through to East Main.

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2017/11/18 – Back up Boneyard

Didn’t have the bike back together in time for the nice forecast on Friday, so slipped out on Saturday before the Sunday rains. Checked the Butler gate and it was open (for hunting season)? .. so ran up there.

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