2018/04/21 – Nicki’s Nest & return to Sooke, with Luke

Another great ride with Luke. Always good to ride with folks with similar interests and skills. Got our fill of single-track this day. More to come.

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2018/04/15 – Kirby to Muir (again) solo. Hard.

I went out with a vague plan/hope/idea to catch up to some friends. Ended up running some of the hardest trail I’ve done yet to date while solo.

The route was clockwise, and the first quarter took more than 3/4 of the time and energy.

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Status update

In case anyone is wondering if I finally rode off a cliff…. No. One of our dogs has taken ill, and it has messed up the daily routines… but she’s worth it :)

2018/04/03 – Mt Prevost with Nick G

A Drupal security advisory trashed my long weekend. Given the forecast, skipping this Tuesday was going to be my only chance to de-stress. Nick was looking for someone to ride with, it seemed a good match (I’ve ridden with him before).


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2018/03/30 – Jacob Creek Trail with James W (Jammer)

This was a great ride, we chased down the end of the mystery trail, which closes a loop, formed some ideas for restoring “big rock trail” to a loop, found another entrance to Muir which (at least currently) skips all the active logging…

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March 30 - James
March 20 - Bob
March 11 - Rob H

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2018/03/20 – back out Jacob Creek way with Bob Jeffs

Bob wanted to get out for a ride, and the forecast looks to get worse for the rest of the week, and I have a new bike I’d like to ride, and there was a new track I wanted to explore, etc.

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2018/03/20 - Today
2018/03/11 - Rob H & Co.

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2018/03/11 – Muir again with some new friends, new track by Jacob Creek.

After running into snow in a couple places with Daya yesterday, it seemed fairly clear that the only longish straight line ride in the Muir area would be west along the power-lines toward Fishboat Bay. Rob H and some of his friends (Trevor, Roger, Shawn (sp?)) had setup a ride for today, and invited me.

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2018/03/10 2-UP with Daya, Muir

Weather forecast was great, bike was together, got up early and got breakfast out of the way … but none of the usual culprits were making noises about riding. Looked after some odds and ends, and when she finally appeared, I asked the youngest if she wanted to go for a ride…

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