2017/07/22 Stoltz Main

This was meant to be an exploring trip… trying to find connections from Stoltz to either the North (Cowichan) or West (pacific marine road, probably via Robertson main). Well I got an adventure all right :).

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2017/07/15 – Big Loop with Luke

A big loop with Luke… at least it feels that way the day after.

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2017/07/09 – Cowichan Area – solo

This was a long day, and a fun one. I covered a number of areas I wanted to check-out.

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2017/07/03 – Mt Wood, Kapoor to Sooke, including Valentine mine site.

Got a late Sundy message from Francois suggesting/organizing¬† a ride in the Oliphant Lake area… sounded like a better idea than the solo rides I’d been thinking of.

Francois, Andre, Ron at Oliphant Lake.

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2017/06/25-26 Ride with Steve Noon – Renfrew, Caycuse exploration

Steve Noon was asking questions about a SW Vancouver Island ride, and then asked for folks to join him…

Steve, with the Red Creek Fir behind him.

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2017/06/17 subframe again

Finally got motivated to work on installing the new gas tank, which implied doing a pile of other things at the same time (switch back to stock carburator, fix air/oil separator for engine breather, turn signals, tail light, etc…).

Thought I was making good progress and starting to look forward to having it back together…

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2017/06/04 – Tugwell E, remap NE end, cross creek, up TW 40, Mt Muir, Down Butler, cross oildrum and back out Tugwell E (Clark)

Interesting ride, met some guys bushwhacking S from Tugwell Lake (should have gone W), took them back to Butler via Tugwell Main and TW40 (Mt Muir via Ranger Lake), split with them at the turnoff for Boulder Lake.

Matt, Tom, Bjoern up on Mt Muir


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2017/05/28 – Mike Ryan’s Camping Weekend.

Mike Ryan organized a big gathering for a camping weekend. In theory there were 20 campsites, most with 2 tents, and some tents having more than one occupant. Lots of people, lots of bikes, lots of fun.

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2017/05/22 – May long weekend (five day) ride with David Williams, Larry, Richard, Jaki, Chris

David invited a number of folks out for what turned out to be the first camping trip of the year for all (?) of us. I started from Victoria a day early, which led to a nice mix of solo (more technical) and group riding.

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