2019/09/10->15 Another trip with James

I’d noticed a mine site off the Yalakom FSR when looking at the GPX track from the ride to the Loose Screw, and James was keen enough to go back and check it out. We also found some “new” track along Mission Ridge, and met up with Franky, Mladen and others at Laluwissin.

The mine site is the Elizabeth mine, the best info I found about it is here: http://minfile.gov.bc.ca/report.aspx?f=PDF&r=Minfile_Detail.rpt&minfilno=092O++012

The Mission Ridge track needs some work, as the East ends have gates. The gotcha is the steepness of the Bridge River canyon (there is only one bridge), and the long stretch of connected First Nations land. Both Cooma (main) and Ama Creek Rd are gated. So the route needs more research before being introduced as mainstream….

2019/09/01 – Tansky with James U. and Dean

A good solid / long ride out at Tansky.

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2019/08/08->13 Loose Screw via Mud Lakes and Whipsaw

A quick outline of the trip to the Loose Screw event before it slips my mind, will update as video and pictures get organized.

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2019/07/21 – Tansky with Kory

A good solid day of technical single track.

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