2014/04/09 – Mt Wood with Bjoern and Vera

Another ride through the Mt Wood area.

I just did some major work on the DRZ (see the Greasy Fingers post), so I didn’t want to take it into the deep woods or even that far from home. Vera and Bjoern were meeting for a dirt ride, so tagging along seemed like a good fit.

It was a good ride. We did push Vera into stuff that she couldn’t really have been expected to have found “comfortable”. It was only her second day on her CRF250L … but she did very well… and there’s only one way to get experience :( :)

The video came out OK, the few stills I took are not so good.

Bjoern and Vera, with my DRZ in the front.
Panorama from the NE edge of the lake. Click for big.

I gotta say, after staring at bits of motorcycles strewn across the carport, looking at a whole, healthy, dirty bike is a very nice change.