Tugwell E with Tony. 2016/01/31

A good (wet) ride with company. That might be the best short description of today’s ride.

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Tugwell East again. 2016/01/25

I went back out to the same area I was yesterday. It was a good ride. I got to both the Tugwell creek “crossings” that I had noted before from the west side (one I found, one that I wanted to find).

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Luck … Tugwell East. 2016/01/24

After some hunting around (e.g. riding every road turning north off Otter Point Rd that was west of Butler)… I found my way into the Tugwell East area (luck == Good).

While messing around in there, I managed to ram/lance/joust a stump with my rear brake lever… which broke (luck == Bad).

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Tugwell/Anderson Rd – 2016/01/10

Went out again today. I don’t normally do back-to-back rides, but the forecast looks bad for next week. Went exploring the foot of Tugwell/Anderson area.

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Jordan River Main – Muir/Shirley. 2016/01/09

An interesting day. Met lots of people. I Started out trying to see if I could get far enough up North Main to see if I could look for alternate routes to the Jordan Ridge ATV trail shown in the backroads mapbook… no dice (snow), couldn’t even get to N300 let alone N500…

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Forebay and ?? 2016/01/03

This was a Good Day. Not the day I planned, but then I didn’t really plan it. I knew I wanted to ride, that was “the plan”.I rode the Forebay Rd (Jordan East) and a new section of roads quite a bit farther toward Port Renfrew.

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