Tugwell Spur with Tony, 2016/03/27

Wow. That was a rush. Perhaps a bit too much of a rush, but you don’t know the limits until you hit them. Some scratches, but no real harm done…

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Mt Prevost with Bob, Rick, and Tony 2016/03/26

A ride out NW of Duncan, starting at Mt Prevost, with Rick, Rob, Tony.

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Muir West / Kirby Creek -> Tieulie Place 2016/03/19

This was a solo ride, and basically came out great. If you’re following in my footsteps, this is NOT a beginner ride. There is nothing very difficult in it, but it is more difficult than “graded mainline”.

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Tugwell E with Bob Jeffs – 2016/03/17

A fairly leisurely ride with Bob through the Tugwell E loop. Meant as an introduction to off-road riding (beyond graded main-lines).

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East Muir / Mt Muir – 2016/03/05

Went out for a solo ride. Hadn’t been sure about the weather, or the bike, so didn’t want to make concrete plans.

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