It was great and it sucked. Muir/Valentine/Demers/Renfrew. 2016/08/12-13

Good: Not the fountain of eternal youth, but seemed a source of endless adventure. Neat waterfall, the GPS suggested route “worked”, some challenging riding. Bad: waterfall behind gate, GPS suggested route requires passing a gate and is too difficult to suggest to others, stopped to be friendly and got chewed out for riding a motorbike, several OSM/GPS suggested routes were impassable. (But see update at bottom.)


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Scouting Port Renfrew – 2016/08/06

A very long day’s riding.


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North Vancouver Island Ride – 2016/07/29 -> 08/01


Gunnerbuck’s North Island Ride. This was a heck of a trip. 21 bikes at the Woss breakfast on Saturday morning… and now that I think about it, that might not have been counting the last stragglers.

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