Tugwell E, with Luke, 2016/12/30

Have been without a dirt capable bike for almost two weeks. New tire arrived, finally got it mounted, and a day clear enough to ride. Luke wanted to get out too, and wanted to see what I call Tugwell East… so that’s what happened :)

No GPX track, I got the GPS out, put batteries in it, and left it on the end of the bed.

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Tugwell E revisited (in the snow), with Colin Beck

I’ve been suggesting/promoting Tugwell East as a logical beginner Dual-Sport ride, and since I hadn’t been there for a few months, and the snow is limiting riding areas, it seemed a good time to go re-visit it.


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Mt Muir via Ranger Lake, with Luke and Brendon – 2016/12/04

Here’s a first, I did the video before the blog entry. “Struggle” is the word of the day. A fine ride, we rode our butts off and had a blast. (Broken GPX track due the GPS taking a swim.)


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