2017/12/03 With Colin Beck and others, Shawnigan to Sooke (again).

Saturday night came, the Sunday forecast looked good, and the only open ride invite I could see was Colin’s, so I made plans to join him (e.g. set an alarm to get up early). Dan stopped into Serious Coffee (the meet-up) to warm his hands, and decided to join us instead of doing a solo road trip on his Ducati Scrambler. Dave (DT-200) and Mark (KTM-350) were part of the expected crowd. (Colin and I are on DRZ-400’s).

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This week
Last week - with Gerry

Cool, the updated OSM plugin can show more than one GPX track. As I said in the title, this was pretty much a repeat of last weeks ride. Colin had wanted to do a chunk of advanced track (North of Kapoor) that Trevor posted, but we picked up a new rider on an 800 cc Ducati scrambler, and I suggested that taking the scrambler down that track was probably a bad idea. In combination with the by-pass to East Main having been dug up between last weekend and this one, this turned into a “mainline only” ride… e.g. we exited by riding straight down Butler. I did bring up that we had other options, but several of the guys were in a bit of a hurry to get home, and there was no question that straight down Butler was fastest.

The weather was better than last week, so we did climb up the side of the valley opposite Todd Mountain.

View down the San Juan valley (blurry/lousy shot).
Post ride stop at stick-in-the-mud. Colin and Dave shown. Marks KTM in the foreground, Dan’s scrambler on the end, and one “other guy’s” bike.

The ride up to the “3 way” intersection (to get on Williams Creek main), and across the plateau to West Jordan Main was good (and fast). Unfortunately Dave dumped his DT on a section that had some smooth bare rock and very mixed camber (not really ruts, but certainly not flat either) … no obvious damage done fortunately.

I do have some video, might throw a very short clip together.