2017/12/09 – JDF Ridge, with James and Mike

The backroads mapbook lists a “Jordan Ridge ATV Route”, that I’ve wanted to try for aeons. (Given that I got my motorcycle license about 25 months ago, aeons obviously aren’t a very large unit of time, it _has_ been 100+ posts :). No one else seemed to have any plans, so I figured I’d try it. Then James asked if I had a flywheel remover, and James was in touch with Mike….

Given the me, James, Mike progression, never mind the distance out to North Main … we didn’t get the earliest of starts.

We started out on a great piece of trail that skipped the normal N500 entrance (and possibly a gate). This was the technically most challenging piece of the route, there are a slew of creeks and cross ditches (rough guess at 12?). On a DRZ, no one would call them hard. A good rider on a big bike with reasonable tires would be fine (might have to work a bit, but still “fine”).

From there the track was old logging roads. None of them were in recent use, and they got narrower until near the west exit. IMHO you do want a GPS track to follow, as a few of the forks were not the obvious choices.

Given our late start, and a pause to change a flat, we didn’t explore any of the spurs, even the “obvious” ones that “should” have led to great views. There was fog out on JDF strait, but we were high enough (aprox 500m) that we had a clear sky, and it was warm in the sun. (e.g. take off the jackets at the flat changing stop.)

There were more than a few short sections that had a small amount of snow on the ground (1 or 2 cm). As long as you stayed off the compressed snow (tire tracks) that had turned to ice, it wasn’t an issue.

The track isn’t very long, we bee-lined it back (at darn good speed) in somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes (probably closer to 30)… but it was a fine track, and basically unused. We saw a few other tracks but they could have been a week or more old.

Right, the other exit is on the Port Renfrew highway, just the Victoria side of Loss Creek (top of a steep hill). There is a gate, which can be fairly easily bypassed. We just doubled back and came out the same way went in.

No video, a few pix.

James said this tree might make a good pic. Needs some cropping, but he was right :)
Mike and James working on Mike’s flat. THIS is the one thing you REALLY should be able to handle in the backroads. It is common, and doesn’t require much in the way of tools or knowledge.
Looking down into Loss Creek valley. See my facebook timeline for a photosphere which shows the bigger picture. This was a pretty scenic view, and one I think anyone on this route would stop for. Hmm, according to the GPS, we were just across the Loss Creek valley from “Gain Creek” (might be the creek in the center distance).
Flat repair “station” (click for big)
I did mention loaned tools? Well, beer comes into play. And James had this really cool advent beer calendar… 9th of December = 9 Donkeys of Hopocalypse. Yum/Thanks!