2017/02/26 Mt Wood/Shawnigan Power-lines (snow check)

It was supposed to rain or snow today. At least that’s how I interpreted the forecast. Instead when Chris got me to look up from the computer it was sunny out. It was too late to consider going out to Sooke, so it was a toss up between “try out the supermoto wheels” and “go check the snow at the Mt Wood power-lines”. Despite having had a good dirt-ride yesterday, I chose to do that again.



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2017/02/25 – Clark to Muir with Francois

Nice “intermediate” ride, far from easy, but not too hard (on light dual sports). To a degree this was just a simplified version of the Feb 2nd route (no exploring).


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2017/02/19 – Nick’s “Chemainus area” ride.

This was one of those sorta “instant” rides. Nick Gibb posted a ride suggestion to Facebook. There were a couple questions, but no one committed to it until the night before. There were six riders at the Duncan rendezvous (Nick, Gerrit, John, Luke, Mike, and myself).

GPX track above is obviously heavily edited, I basically cut the pavement chunks out. It ended up being a big “renfrew loop” ride, with the Lake-Cowichan to Renfrew run being Gordon River Main. I split from Gerry and Luke on the return and ran up the powerlines (after a false start at the exit from the sandcut main area).

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2017/02/02 – Anderson / Tugwell Main area

Midweek ride as the weather is supposed to deteriorate, and the opportunity arose. We managed to “re-find” the “Tugwell Spur”, without going through the active logging on the east (mainline) end of the spur.


Short video showing the “right” line for crossing Muir Creek:

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