2017/04/30 – Big group, out to M-Line

I wanted to check out a connection leading off of K-line to the GPX track that I rode with Gerrit and Luke the day I met them. I figured it should be mostly main-line riding, and fairly easy. So I posted it as an open invite to the local dual sport group on FaceBook. Well… there wasn’t much of a response online, but there were twelve riders at the rendezvous (first lesson, request RSVPs so you have a rough head-count).

Twelve bikes at Duncan Rendezvous. Click for big.

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2017/04/23 – Duncan area ride with Josh

I’m trying to “expand my turf” :) And the first thing to learn in riding on Southern Vancouver Island is where the entrances/exits are (since the logging companies tend to block/gate everything).

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2017/04/16 – Scout the Williams Creek -> J40 connection (Brendon, Francois, Gerry, John, Luke)

A good turnout and for a route that was mostly mainline, we rode pretty hard.


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2017/04/11 – Mt Wood again

Skipped out for a quick ride, upcoming forecast looks bad…

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2014/04/09 – Mt Wood with Bjoern and Vera

Another ride through the Mt Wood area.

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