2017/12/14 – Clark to Muir with James

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “hard” ride. The Jordan Ridge ride was fast enough and scenic enough to be a nice ride, but most of it was doable on a street bike. I’d asked if anyone was interested in a Thursday ride before the rain started on Friday. James messaged me in the morning, so off we went.

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Clark to Muir via Tugwell Spur
Clark-2-Muir Creek Crossing


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2017/12/09 – JDF Ridge, with James and Mike

The backroads mapbook lists a “Jordan Ridge ATV Route”, that I’ve wanted to try for aeons. (Given that I got my motorcycle license about 25 months ago, aeons obviously aren’t a very large unit of time, it _has_ been 100+ posts :). No one else seemed to have any plans, so I figured I’d try it. Then James asked if I had a flywheel remover, and James was in touch with Mike….

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2017/12/03 With Colin Beck and others, Shawnigan to Sooke (again).

Saturday night came, the Sunday forecast looked good, and the only open ride invite I could see was Colin’s, so I made plans to join him (e.g. set an alarm to get up early). Dan stopped into Serious Coffee (the meet-up) to warm his hands, and decided to join us instead of doing a solo road trip on his Ducati Scrambler. Dave (DT-200) and Mark (KTM-350) were part of the expected crowd. (Colin and I are on DRZ-400’s).

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This week
Last week - with Gerry

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