2017/01/02 – Tugwell E -> Two Lakes with Luke and Brendon

An interesting and challenging ride north out of the east side of the Tugwell East area. Turns out we were less than a km from crossing the track Luke and I did 4 days ago… Not that it would have done us any good, we turned back then because we were unsure we could get out if we kept going. Same situation today… and both would have been “intermediate” if the weather was dry.


The GPX track really tells the story. I’ll add my pix, and some video. Snowline appears to be somewhere around 400m.

I did catch Brandon in one of those “ramp out of nowhere” jumps. While no-one is going to give him an “air-time” award, considering the conditions (rutted muddy road that had frozen solid), he aced it.

Walking forward from the turn-around point

The snow was interesting. Where we turned around it had to be close to a foot deep (30cm), with a fairly hard crust. The bikes were NOT sinking all the way through, and it was difficult to do a kick-stand pivot… really had to lean the bikes over to get both wheels high enough to clear the snow.

… But the track wasn’t all like that, or we would have stopped sooner. It looked like enough water had been on the track to melt almost all the snow in places, so sometimes you’d go from 2″ of snow straight into 12″. And there’d often be one side that was a little bit sheltered. Basically it was challenging :)

Descent down to De Mamiel Creek. Hard to walk down this, no way we’d have gotten bikes back up it.
There’s a road on the far side that this track T’s into. (Brendon)