2017/01/07 – Anderson Rd with Luke


Posted a ride invite on facebook, got absolutely no response… deleted it a couple days later out of embarrassment. I planned to pull out my self-rescue gear. I rode “mostly solo” for months on the KLR, can do it again… But Luke, who had promised a snowfall update for the Saturday morning, decided he actually could come.

The original plan was go up Anderson and “stay left”. Well, it turns out there are some new (?) “private property” signs at the head of Anderson … near where the gate is/was. So we doubled back and took the trail by the “locked gate ahead” sign… which put us out on Tugwell main farther north than I wanted. I wanted to show Luke “the Tugwell Spur”, and figured we could cut south to return to the plan.

That didn’t work at all. There’s active logging at the start (east end) of the Spur. We turned around when there was a machine moving logs around next to the road… and then found we were stuck behind another very slow moving machine. A check of the GPS suggested that there was another route back to Tugwell Main, but that was blocked by logs/slash… so we just waited it out.

We back tracked down Tugwell/Anderson to about 1km north of the powerlines and took the main fork to the Northwest. The goal at this point was the campsite / crossing of Muir creek, to the Southwest. We took one track that dead-ended at a deactivated bridge. It looks like I had marked the bridge as deactivated in OSM, but it wasn’t sufficiently obvious that the track didn’t go through. We probably could have gotten our reasonably light bikes through, but it would have been hard work. The next track proved good and with the ground frozen, we rode the bikes right down to the campsite.

Icicles on the far side of Muir Creek.

Big panorma here.

Ice forming in places on Muir creek.

The pix I took of the campsite didn’t come out very well, blurry due to low light.

Tom and the bikes at the Muir Creek campsite/crossing. (shot by Luke)

From there, we had a good/hard climb back to the track… which is more an ATV track that double-track, and then took a trail to the NW. One which I didn’t quite manage to traverse on the KLR many months back. From there we headed north until we got distracted by side roads/trails. There was one great track that lead “up”, and which we eventually got stopped on by the snow… and off of that there was a trail that was basically a fairly open hiking trail. We went down that for a bit, but it was hard work.

Turn around point on a hiking trail.

We got distracted by another trail on the other side as we backtracked toward the mainline. That led us south… at which point we decided to cross the bridge¬† and head north on the other side of the (un-named) creek. Somewhere around here we started looking for what I remember as being a hill-climb (on the KLR). We found it, but what made it challenging on the light bikes was the ice, not the track itself.

panoramic view of JDF. Click for real/big.

From there we pretty much headed back toward our entrance, headed S-SW until we got to the power lines, and then E to the mainline. At which point we continued east to the creek to put things in perspective for Luke, and then made a quick detour to make sure I could still find the Tugwell crossing from the west side. That wasn’t very far, but the road was covered in frozen puddles… and when we got to the crossing, the water level was way down… so we crossed and came out via Clark Road.

Compare this to my 2016/02/21 post if you want the full context.

We had fun. It was a good long ride with more than a few challenging bits. I’ve got lots of video (left the camera running by accident at more than one point). Hope to get that edited soon.