2017/01/21 Muir Powerlines, Kirby Creek to Jacob Creek with Bjorn

Most of the local crowd ran off to a motorcycle show on the mainland, so it was another weekend that was looking like I could be riding solo. Turned out Bjorn was looking to ride in West Sooke, so we arranged to meet at the stick-in-the-mud. And after setting that up, a “to be left nameless” rider also committed to the rendezvous.

Just a couple of dirty bikes… Up Anderson Rd.

I took very few pictures, but I did shoot a fair amount of video… which of course needs to be stabilized (overnight) and then edited. Hopefully coming soon.

The ride was good. I’d forgotten how technical the real power-line road is. There were some steep climbs and descents. Riding with Bjorn was interesting. I’d be trying to stay close to shoot video, and occasionally I’d be late starting for whatever reason. Catching him on a descent was no problem, but on a climb? Much harder.

Hopefully we didn’t overshoot Bjorn’s comfort zone by too much.

We started off running up the silver bullet, which is fairly tight single track, but quite flat, so it is about setting up for the corner and anticipating/navigating all the roots. Except that there is a tree down near the start, which requires “sliding” over it. (Yes, even with the relatively high clearances of the light bikes we had.) Bjorn made good on that :)

Up that to the powerlines, checked out both boundaries, and played a bit on the hill/cliff just off of Muir main. Then headed N toward Kirby Main, including the sandy climb off the powerlines and another chunk of single track that started out looking like dual-track.

Across the bridge over Kirby Creek and up the hill on the far side, left fork to head SW toward the power-lines. Then I begged a detour to check on the track that I had once hoped to pull off as a loop, with a tough crossing in it. Road had been badly washed out and was a fun climb. Not anymore, they are logging up there so the road is repaired, and we basically stopped where the trees started. So backtracked.

East along the powerlines, as far as we could go. Got pushed south to the highway by Jacob creek. At which point we hummed and hawed about where to go. Getting under the gate would have been trivial as it is very high and with a significant downhill slope. (Harder to get in.) Anyhow, we decided to backtrack basically all the way to our starting point, we took some slightly different routes and skipped the single track.

From there we took the highway to Anderson Rd, rode in on the bypass, crossed Tugwell Creek and took the “optional” leg of Tugwell East back to Clark Road. We actually exited “unusually early” for me. Part of the reason was that the weather forecast had suggested there might be rain moving in around 4pm … but we never saw anything that looked like rain clouds.