2017/02/02 – Anderson / Tugwell Main area

Midweek ride as the weather is supposed to deteriorate, and the opportunity arose. We managed to “re-find” the “Tugwell Spur”, without going through the active logging on the east (mainline) end of the spur.


Short video showing the “right” line for crossing Muir Creek:

I’m coming to have high hopes for that powerline section in the middle of the Tugwell East loop, when you add the little detour trail to avoid the initial steep eastbound climb, and the yellow brick road track… you get a nice figure eight that is almost all “not mainline” track. On light bikes it is all beginner do-able, but perhaps not all “fun” for a beginner.

We did that figure eight, then headed west across the creek. I wanted to have another poke at the NW of the Anderson area. I was relatively sure there were some trails in there that I did not manage to fully explore on the KLR due to snow… will have to look that up.

(edit, found some of the tracks I remember not finishing exploring, turns out they were off of boneyard. See 2015/12/30 … and I was up there because Butler was blocked by snow.)

I did remember that I left another connection to the Tugwell spur in OSM, and it seems to be “in use”. It was basically just a game trail when I first found it, but now it is a well established ATV trail.

We headed up that, then headed East on the spur to see where the active logging was. Then took a fork on the way back to explore. That didn’t go entirely well. The main track had trees on it, so we took some single track around the trees… but the main track ended, so we followed the single track… probably shouldn’t have… but the GPS said we only had a couple hundred meters to go. There was a steep section where we trying to go along one of those scraped glacial bedrock outcroppings. Well I messed up and couldn’t get the bike into a good spot. Dropped it and trashed the new headlight bucket (trailtech X2). Not impressed with how fragile it was… $30 US for a new shell and $50+ for shipping… that’s dam near what I paid amazon for the whole unit… and I’m not sinking that kinda cash to repair a unit that disintegrated on the first hit.

That single track dumped us back out on the spur… so we headed West on it till we got to the first creek crossing that stopped me the first time I explored it. The crossing would have been trivial, but we turned around there anyway as we’d suddenly gotten into the snow… rock hard surface and about 8″ deep. This was around 480m altitude. It was time for lunch, but I had no desire to stop in that cold valley, so we backtracked to the mainline and ran West to the edge of the trees, which got us a bit of a wind break and a good view.

After lunch we backtracked to the trail that Luke and I ran up a couple weeks back. I knew there was at least one fork off that which we had not explored. We explored the fork and then ran up the trail to see if it was still snow blocked. If I’d looked at the GPS I would have realized where it went and that it must be clear, as it is another path up to the “Tugwell Spur”…  it sure is a fine trail…

At that point we were basically making for the Muir creek crossing… pretty much due south… with a few detours to keep it more interesting. The creek crossing was trivial this time… maybe 120 seconds from start to finish (haven’t looked at the video yet). Sure makes a difference when you know where the lines are.

Strangely enough. In two crossings, we’ve ended up with two flats. This time it was my flat… but it was pretty easy since it was the front tire. Followed pretty much the same exit (south out of blueberry flats) as the last ride, but a little more single track.

I was _quite_ aware I was tired. We rode hard, as there was no-one to slow us down… and we had a fairly early deadline (home for 4:30), so there were no long breaks. Definitely a great ride, but I am looking forward to being able to get out of the lower elevations.

I don’t have much for pictures, I should have some video.