2017/03/04 Muir / Kirby to Fishboat Bay (Jacob Creek) with Luke

Stirred Luke out of a lazy sleep-in this morning. (I thought he was expecting to ride, but apparently  not.) Messaged him with “Riding?”. Late rendezvous at stick-in-the-mud and then the old where-to?


There’s been a fair amount of new snow, several inches up at 500m, and starts to accumulate as low as 250m or so (on Kirby Main.) Hopefully that will melt away in short order.

We rode some very tight single track in Blueberry flats, and then after getting tired and sweaty went up Kirby Main to see if we could find a creek I wanted to try crossing last summer. We _did_ find it, although it looked nothing like what I remembered (might still have raw video of what it looked like 8 months ago?!) . Then we went quite a bit further up Kirby Main(?). Apparently it used to be an old Enduro trail… not anymore, mainline now. Might be some pretty video of riding in fresh snow. We got turned back at around 500m… 4 or more inches of snow was just getting to be too much. We tried a side road that was part of a loop, it was even worse… trees on both sides but either there has been NO melt in there, or it is getting blown (drifting) in there. It was 15 or more inches in places.

From there we backtracked down Kirby Main and ran West down the power-lines to fishboat bay / Jacob Creek. After some indecision, we then turned around and retraced our steps to blueberry flats and home. I _do_ have some pix, and video.

Short break after some very tight single track. (Luke)
Looking NW up Kirby Main. Snow has started to stick and we’re at about 275m or so.
click for big. looking NW through NE from Kirby main. Mt Muir is aproximately center (with that little bald patch on top where the radio tower is).
Always lots of pix of Luke and his bike :) … but at this middle distance they help fill in the scene.
Did I mention that the snow was deep?
So the tires making that track are over 5″ wide… how deep is it? Gotta be 10-15″
Luke, up the snow covered track. Surreal lighting.
Luke, pushing bike in snow. (Backtracking here…)