2017/03/18 – (enduro) Muir, with Francois and Chris Hoogestraat

Wanted to take the enduro bike (2000 DRZ 400Y) out for a ride before I started pulling it apart. Quite impressed. As Mike Ryan said, “a whole different bike” (compared to my 400SM).

Anyhow, met Francois at Muir / Blueberry flats. Ran up Muir and down to Muir Creek to cross to go up towards Luke’s Trail and Tugwell Spur, but the water level was way higher than the last three crossings. A lone quad came down the trail while we were deciding that we indeed did NOT want to cross. He asked if he could join us (and gave a number of reasons). At that point we were not at all sure where we were going to go, but it looked like we would be heading up Muir Main for a bit (no tight single track), so agreed.

Ended up running up Muir and Muir East to check out the Muir -> Butler connection. Got stopped at 500 or 550m due to snow. Checked out the NW end of the trail from Tugwell Spur… looked like snow might been an issue even under the trees (the road had been plowed, there was a good 12-18 inches in places)…

… so we just backtracked down Muir looking for some of the trails that head West off of Muir (I had Don Hatton’s “Hard Loop” in my mind). By this point we were willing to believe/test Chris Hoogestraat’s repeated statements that he could do pretty much any single track. Anyhow we found a fair bit of fairly tight single-track, and more than a couple deep mud puddles.

In the middle of this the enduro developed an idle issue… idle speed went down a bit and probably wasn’t as smooth… and sometimes it would just slow a tich then die. In fact it even died on me during some riding. Dropped me in a turn when the bike just suddenly stopped instead of pulling through. At one point when I was having trouble getting it to (kick) start, I fiddled with the choke and hot-start settings… and once I got it running again, the idle trouble was gone, so it probably was one of those (choke or hot-start). Dave (guy I bought the bike off), says he had the carb completely apart and cleaned, so it should not be an issue with stale gas.

We knocked off fairly early, Chris (quad) had somewhere to be, I had to get the van (enduro = no plates, thus trailer and thus van) back to Denna, and Francois was getting pretty hungry.

(hhmm, meant to hit publish on this yesterday night. Then again, was hoping to get a GPX track from Francois too.)