2017/06/04 – Tugwell E, remap NE end, cross creek, up TW 40, Mt Muir, Down Butler, cross oildrum and back out Tugwell E (Clark)

Interesting ride, met some guys bushwhacking S from Tugwell Lake (should have gone W), took them back to Butler via Tugwell Main and TW40 (Mt Muir via Ranger Lake), split with them at the turnoff for Boulder Lake.

Matt, Tom, Bjoern up on Mt Muir


I ran up to Boulder lake as I wanted to have a quick look at the lake in good weather (pretty), vs the rain. Then running back down Butler to the gate I got distracted by signs of heavy traffic across what was an abandoned spur. There are some new roads (lots of new roads), that intersect with old trails, so my mapping is incomplete, as I tended to stop mapping the new roads and run down the trails.

In this case I ran down “Oildrum/Wagonmeister” to the new roads/activity that cut off old-young lake road (the “two lakes” track). There’s new roads in there too, same thing happened.

Also passed a new gate on the S end of East Tugwell. It’s obviously an old gate, but I’d never seen it closed before. Trivial to ride around. Ahh, and there was a chain across the road near the “back door” entrance (Mike’s route). Can bypass it near the for-sale sign. Seems like they are working hard to isolate the new subdivision.

(edit: TW40 was a little overgrown, more than a few branches to be broken back and one small tree that we had to lift up to get the bikes under [no one had a saw].)