2017/06/21 – quick test ride with Bob Jeffs

Just a quick ride up through the Mt Wood area to make sure the change to the big tank and old (factory SM) carb worked.

Tom at Oliphant (By Bob)
Bikes at Oliphant. Should be first pic of DRZ with big new tank.
pano of the view over saanich inlet to sidney/north+central saanich/etc…click for big.

Only mechanical issue was that I didn’t put the hose on the vent for the fuel cap. Once the tank was full, I had gas spitting out. Plugged the vent hole with a stick. I’ll need to sort that out. Really just needs to be a little chunk of fuel line with something almost blocking it… and perhaps something to discourage dirt from getting in. They make one-way valves, but those are known to be less than 100% reliable.

Mileage appeared to be good. Trip was as a bit short for accurate calculations, and we certainly took it easy, so I’d expect mileage to be at the top end of what the bike can get, but it appeared to be about 26 km/litre, which is about 30% better than I could hope to get with the FCR. And when I filled it, I put 14 litres in it… and I didn’t think I was very close to having the reserve intake run dry … so it seems it holds at least a little more than 15 litres… put the two together and I’m not far off David’s 400+ km desired range for this years interior ride.