2017/11/05 & 06 – Snow!

Got snowed out twice. Wanted a test run over Mt Wood area, and tried to do Lake Cowichan to Sooke. Neither worked.The 5th was simply what was left of a nice Sunday after changing back to the big gas tank, and swapping out the right radiator. Nearest (timewise) riding is Mt Wood. But there was a good 3 or 4″ of snow at the south entrance (goat track) — pass. Did check out Mt Baldy from the road, looks like some hiking… too busy to go in with a bike. And ran through from Fern Ridge to the malahat exit … the snow wasn’t too bad through there.

Monday was supposed to be a ride with Bob, Gary, and Jodi Sturgess. Bob had a scheduling conflict and Gary bailed at the last minute due to road conditions. The planned route was to try the Lake Cowichan to West Sooke loop. Due to Gary’s report of lousy road conditions in Sooke, and the fact that Butler -> East Main is easier than the reverse, we opted to go in from the Lake Cowichan end … wrong decision. There was more snow on the west side of Shawnigan Lake than I expected, and we got blocked by VERY slippery conditions on Kapoor about 12 or 13 km in.

I had a down on icy pavement about 1km short of Kapoor. We were going very slow, but even so I got a good slide on my butt… but for a down with speed, it was the softest landing I can imagine… followed by a good few feet of sliding, watching the bike slide a bit faster/farther. Jodi had a down at the point we turned back (not entirely a co-incidence :).

Jodi on Kapoor, a hundred meters or so before we turned back.