2017/11/18 – Back up Boneyard

Didn’t have the bike back together in time for the nice forecast on Friday, so slipped out on Saturday before the Sunday rains. Checked the Butler gate and it was open (for hunting season)? .. so ran up there.

As rides go, this was basically just exploring. There were a few steep climbs, and some jumping of shallow cross ditches, but with the exception of the spur in the first picture (which I didn’t chase to the ends as the brush was too wet), it was pretty much all mainline type roads. A few of those were old and unmaintained (B90 past the B98 fork), but all in all, very big bike friendly, and perhaps a touch boring (go faster).

I did bring back a fair amount of new GPX track, and as with other tracks, I’ve saved most of the road-sign info to import into OSM. The last/first time I was up here on the KLR I got snowed out of some of the sections.

Looking east over the Sooke River valley
Sooke River, nice pool with gravel beaches. Called Ripple Rock beach on far side according to OSM. Walked down here following some heavy equipment tracks!?
B98 were it should continue south toward the ford at the end of B90 … but too many big trees to chase it down. Did walk a bit, road appears to continue for a good ways. Backroads data says it used to make the connection, but I know the south end is washed out.
Apparently I have different eyes than I did two years ago on the KLR. This ford across Golledge creek looks like it would be fairly easy if the water was down. Maybe the ATVs have smoothed the near bank, or it’s just my improved skills on the better bike… but this side looks easy. No way you’d get me to try it now though… way too much water. Would tie into Butler Main around the 8km mark (?).
Hiked across this “clearing” to get to the “road” that once led down to West Leech Main … and thus would bypass the watershed gate. The road is overgrown with alder and broom, and that slash filled “clearing” is a nightmare. Never mind that there is enough terrain around without going into the watershed… and there are simpler accesses to West Leech main.