2018/02/10 – Hard ride through Oliphant area, with James and Mike

Mike set the meeting for 9am. I thought it was early, but we’d have run out of daylight if we had started much later. A solid day of technical riding.

I shot lots of video, but the last bit I shot was so full of glitches it was/is/will-be hard to edit. (update: video from this ride looks glitch free (bad SD card last time?) — unfortunately camera aim too high. What the heck? It sure doesn’t look glitch free today.)

Not many pix. It was interesting to be shown around an area I thought I knew fairly well. Interesting gravel pit and awesome chunk of single track at the NW edge of the track. (Might be another entrance to it too?)

View from Hatchet Jack’s
Reasonably nice pano at Hatchet Jack’s… click for big
Another view (not saying where)