2018/02/20 – Ride to Chemainus and back.

Rode up to Chemainus to pick up some “soft bag racks”… for a DR650, hoping they would make a good starting point for DRZ racks. I’m not sure that idea is going to work, the plastics on the DRZ seem to swell out more… but the length is darn close… all mind games until I actually get a reasonable welder.

I took the waterfront route home instead of the highway… that means I passed through Crofton… which I don’t think I’ve ever done before. Stunk, but good to see we still have mills around.

I left the highway at Frayne Rd and ran through the Mt Wood area, up the powerlines and down toward the malahat exit… but they’ve been logging in there, and some tracks that were overgrown have been unblocked. Not sure what happened, but this appeared to be the guts of some bulldozer track… e.g. the chain and the rollers, but not the actual plates… or maybe those are just deeper in the pile. Certainly a good pile of scrap metal… might need a cutting torch to move it though.

And I ran into this little lookout/campspot I’d never visited before. The pic doesn’t do it justice and I’m to tired/lazy to go edit it.