2018/03/03 – West Sooke with Geoff (lotsa logging :( )

Geoff wanted to get out for a “trail ride”, wasn’t an ideal day for me, but it was sunny and I skipped last weekend due to a newly cracked rib.


(Sorry, that GPX track is incomplete. I didn’t start the GPS until we were bogged down in slash and I was wondering how far to the intersection with what used to be “the mud puddle road”… but which is now either slash or the north border of a falling area. (e.g. start is near top right.))

We tried to get up Luke’s trail to tugwell spur. The secondary access path (to the east of the mainline) is somewhat covered in slash. With use of the folding saw we did get through. Turns out the bottom of Luke’s trail is now Luke’s highway (correction made in OSM). The new road goes up a bit past where the hiking trail (now a road) used to split off. Above that we hit some non-trivial snow (4+ inches) … but that must have just drifted into a clearing. Above that I dropped the DRZ in a puddle after trying to hurdle a small cluster of blow-downs. I got a good bruise out of that one. We decided to turn back at that point.

With snow at the upper elevations, and lots of new clearcuts, the Tugwell area was not looking good… so we decided to head for Muir creek… not having any idea whether we could cross it or not, but the riding to the crossing used to be good.

The Krashed KLR trail is still there and good, but the main road down to the crossing has been rebuilt and even extended past where the bridge was (long ago). The track to the creek is unchanged… still a bit of a challenge… same for the exit on the west (Muir Main) side. On the Muir Main side, the logging seems mostly confined to the areas near the highway. The Silver Bullet trail is a casualty :(

Geoff did point out a trail that I had ridden before, but might not have remembered how to find. If you run down the powerlines to the West from Muir main, there’s a little bank that’s fun to play on. Well the trail leading North from the top of the bank is good and challenging, and includes that little (narrow) bridge shown in the video. “Lucky Lane” is even tighter, and starts in the middle of the road that cuts the corner on the Kirby/Muir intersection.

Muir Main bypass (normal blueberry flats entrance) is right in the middle of active logging… good to avoid it if you can.

Sorry, no pix, just the small amount of video.