2018/03/10 2-UP with Daya, Muir

Weather forecast was great, bike was together, got up early and got breakfast out of the way … but none of the usual culprits were making noises about riding. Looked after some odds and ends, and when she finally appeared, I asked the youngest if she wanted to go for a ride…

The rough plan was to try to get up Mt Muir. I was pretty sure we’d find snow along the way, and for that reason I didn’t try to go up Butler Main, I figured we could come out that way if we didn’t hit snow on the way up from Muir East. Given that I was riding with Daya, and she always wants to see snow, getting stopped by snow didn’t seem like it would ruin the day/ride :)

Well, we hit snow at about 500m, which is to say at the second steep climb past the Muir East bridge over Muir creek (top of the GPX track).

Blocked by snow with Daya

There was an idea being discussed about riding up Muir to East Main (for Sunday), which seemed like an option, and then I realized I’d like to show Daya the main Jordan River Diversion Dam.

Lunch Break… not the best of locations, but on the side of the creek.

Well we didn’t get very far up Muir before there was snow on the road, and with a 50% worn front tire and my daughter sitting behind me, continuing didn’t seem wise… So we headed back down Muir while I pondered some options…

The old enduro track across to Kirby? Let’s try it. Nope, they are actively logging on it today.

How about up Kirby Main? See what the kid says when I ride up the bank… (she didn’t scream, she giggled :). So we continued over the bridge and up the other side. I don’t think I even considered heading up the creek as I’ve been blocked by snow up there many times…

That left the track along the powerlines toward Fishboat Bay. (i.e. left at the top of the hill instead of right.) Well, I took the wrong right… I followed Kirby Main to the right instead of going straight and then turning at the power-lines. That came out just fine. I’ve been up there a couple times before, and never got a chance to fully explore. We were at a fork on a gentle climb and I stopped to look at the GPS. The left turn was not shown, so we headed up that to map it. We’d just gotten started when I recognized the (clear cut) cleft in the rock to the left … it was the valley that the trail to the top of the Matterhorn used to come through. That meant the logging road went up the backside of the Matterhorn and we should be able to take a short walk to the fantastic view at the summit. It turned out we could, and we did, after riding the new road to the “sorta” end. I say “sort of”, because I could have run farther on my own. The road appears to follow a trail that was on the GPS, and it looked like some construction equipment had gone farther than I did, but certainly not a grader.

Looking east past Daya toward Sooke. The views to the right, and behind me are just as good.

Same thing, but a little wider, showing more of the view and not showing just how steep the drop off to the right is.

It was getting pretty late, so it was pretty much bee-line it back to the highway, which meant either running back to Muir (no thanks), or head west to Tieulie Place. Neither are great exits, but Tieulie would at least be a loop instead of backtracking.

I do have a little bit of video, but it’ll take some time to edit.