2018/03/11 – Muir again with some new friends, new track by Jacob Creek.

After running into snow in a couple places with Daya yesterday, it seemed fairly clear that the only longish straight line ride in the Muir area would be west along the power-lines toward Fishboat Bay. Rob H and some of his friends (Trevor, Roger, Shawn (sp?)) had setup a ride for today, and invited me.

Click title to show track

The track started with the normal entrance, then up Kirby main, running west for the power-lines, but we purposely took the route to the back of the Matterhorn that Daya and I did (by accident) yesterday.

The bent old men and their machines. On the new road behind the Matterhorn. Tom, Shawn, Trevor, Roger (by Rob)
View east toward Sooke from Matterhorn (by Rob)

From there, we backtracked a bit, then ran out the power-lines to where Jacob Creek forces the track south to the highway. No-one really wanted to ride home on the highway, so we turned around and started riding back. There are a good few tracks out there I haven’t ridden, and I paused at one which led north to a few kilometers of road and asked if the guys wanted to get home, or were interested in exploring. The general concensus seemed to be the normal, “I’m out on my bike, in the sun, with friends. Why would I want to go home early?” :)

So I led them north up the Jacob Creek valley chasing new views. There is some pretty horrible looking clear-cutting up there :( Just as we crossed back over Jacob Creek I spotted a strangely nice looking trail crossing the road. It looked like one of those old logging roads that just cry out to be ridden on. The entrance wasn’t great, but a few hundred meters convinced me that we had to ride it, I started to turn back to call the guys up to join me, but they were already following. That was a pretty awesome chunk of trail.

At some point it went from fairly deep forest (great) to more open terrain and became somewhat overgrown with broom. And then the “cross ditches” started. I’m not sure if they are places where culverts were ripped out? They weren’t creeks, and the water wasn’t eroding the track badly, but they were deep V shaped holes we had to cross. Oh, and just to add another element, there was some patchy snow. The GPS said we had an intersection ahead of us which would give us some choices for getting out. Well, I remember an intersection, but it was supposed to be 4 way, and I only saw 3… and immediately beyond it was the biggest “ditch” yet.

While getting all the bikes through it and checking the GPS, I realized that the big ditch was probably the one that turned me back on a solo ride. While I did remember the track, I think I had forgotten how hard it was to get around the “decomissioning” of the road. With a little sweat, and no blood, we got through. Which brought us out on a road very close to where we had been (behind the Matterhorn).

With a little detour to show the guys where the Muir Creek crossing is, we basically just ran back to our entrance from the highway. Then through humpback to a pub that didn’t want to serve us (closing early for a staff meeting), and then down the highway into town where we split up at the Helmcken overpass.

A few more pix, copied from Trevor’s Facebook post.

Roger, Shawn, Rob, Trevor, Tom on the Matterhorn. Camera facing W or SW.
Random stop on the powerline track… possibly the top of the hill where Trevor had his drop.
Getting past the obstacles (last of many in this case) the logging company left when they decomissioned the road. (click for bigger). I think it’s Roger on the bike, Rob helping, and I’m out of sight behind Roger.

I have video, but it’ll take a while to stabilize and edit.