2018/04/03 – Mt Prevost with Nick G

A Drupal security advisory trashed my long weekend. Given the forecast, skipping this Tuesday was going to be my only chance to de-stress. Nick was looking for someone to ride with, it seemed a good match (I’ve ridden with him before).


I’ve already written a slew of words about this ride on facebook. It was a good ride. Nick had to take off early as he only had a  relatively short window between dropping off his kid for (pre?) school and doing the pickup. I met up with him around 10:30 and probably split around 1:30.

We had been trying to find a gravel pit that showed up on a local facebook group twice over the easter long weekend. Unfortunately we were trying to take directions (and road names) from Google maps, which does NOT work for backroads stuff. Mt Sicker and Mt Prevost mainlines DO NOT intersect, yet that was basically what we were trying to find.

By the end of the day I had scouted the area pretty well. I dumped a huge changeset into openstreetmap (78 changes?). I did find the “pit”, but in person it was pretty obvious it was a tailings “pile” not a gravel pit. I also found a fair amount of cool track, the best was probably the Mt sicker 4×4 track that continues where the Mt Sicker mainline basically becomes Sicker 700. OSM says you can get down to Hillcrest from where I “came out”. The preferred exit from the Mt Sicker 4×4 appears to be the track marked “mud”, although the “obvious” track leading south works if you’re going that way. It’s damn steep and I certainly can’t get back up it (going north)… but down is easy enough on a light bike.

I don’t have any pictures of the pile (phone battery was dead – I should have video). I didn’t even do the descent that Trevor took… but then I didn’t have any buddies to help if I botched it. There’s a lot of road up there. Looking at the satellite images, I may have mapped more of it than I thought (e.g. most of it).

Checking to see if the 4×4 to Hillcrest connection works would be worth doing. That could be a good ride.

If you’re looking for directions to the tailing pile, they are pretty simple, go up Mt Prevost Rd until you get to what is basically a 3 way fork… G Branch is the left, and BC Tel Rd is the right. You want Mines Rd which is the center… go up there for a bit (2-3 km) and the tailing pile is on your left. OSM has the same road names that the road signage currently (2018/04) displays.

I’ve got a few pix and in theory I have crappy (glitchy) video. I’ll come back with that. In theory I did 100km of dirt, some of it _very_ technical. I’m tired.