2018/05/19 – 30+ km of single track with Mike and Jammer

This was a pretty amazing ride, a quick glance at the GPX track doesn’t tell the whole story.

We started the hard single-track from the Muir power-lines, and ran sort of north up Muir, then cut west to the Kirby side running over what DH called the Hard-enduro Loop. We took a slightly different track through there that was better than the track I normally ride. That brought us out on the deactivated end of Kirby, which we rode north. At the end we stopped for a break, and I walked across the creek to see if I could find the trail that Tony Bearman had mapped on the far side, see if it was rideable (yup), and see if it could be extended to bring bikes across the creek (not without some serious work).

From there we ran down the Big Rock trail, including our extensions through the slash, then back up Kirby to where we’d started. The plan at this point was to show Mike and James the track I’d found April 15th (Kirby-2-Muir solo). Well, we noticed a spur that we hadn’t run before, and on checking the map it was one of Tony Bearman’s tracks, and looked like a track I had wanted to check out. This turned out great as it allowed us to run across my old path without having to backtrack more than about 100 feet. It also allows some tweaking of the difficulty, as I think the way we did it on this run was as easy as it is going to get. The top loop  across from the campsite was raced clockwise and would include a chewed up staircase like section that was trivial to descend… and I’m pretty sure that the main east-west chunk was easier going east.

After running north, then looping to the NW and around to run east, we were back on a trail I hadn’t run, but which Tony had mapped for us. This ran north to intersect the exit I took last month. That brought us out via some wandering new logging roads and dumped us on Muir just south of the East Muir intersection.

We wanted to exit via Clark, which gave us the choice of running down Muir to ford the creek, or up East Muir to the Tugwell spur. We chose the latter option, and stopped at the bridge on East Muir for a break.

Mike and James, Muir Creek at the bridge on East Muir.

After the creek crossing on the Tugwell Spur, Mike suggested checking out one of the side roads. I’d been up it part-way (right, I scouted it when I was looking for the GoPro that I lost with Joel), but I stopped at the first fork. This time we went past that. I’m hard put to imagine coming the other way, there was a bit that would have almost certainly required pushing. That was interesting / good. If OSM would show lakes on my GPS we would have visited one, but it just looked like a dead end :(

That dumped us out on Tugwell Main, which was pretty much the end of the single-track. We came down Tugwell Main until the powerlines, then across Tugwell Creek and up into the Tugwell East area. We poked around in there a bit, and played on the rocks in the powerlines (and apparently I lost my toolbag as we exited that section), then down and out via the Clark Rd area.

I shot lots of video, and it’s good to watch, but there isn’t much of a story to it. Not sure how to edit it into something meaningful :)