2018/06/17 Garry’s big Hemmingson ride

Gah, I’m getting way behind on my posts. Gary had a great ride that came together with a slew of riders.

Attendees included Gary H, Rob H, Shaun ?, Janet, John A, Gerry H, James W, Devon F, myself, and two newer riders Dillon and Seth. Drat, I was sure I had pictures, but they may have been on the phone I lost.

The group split when we got to Fleet Main, with Gerry, James, Devon, Dillon, Seth and myself going up Fleet 600 and over to Pete’s Pond. From there we headed down K-line to do the 1000 Dips (hank’s highway) track.

The 640 wasn’t idling right and consequently wasn’t much fun in the tight single-track, nor did it like a couple of the V-bottom gulley’s in 1000 Dips.

I did shoot video, not sure if I’ll get to editing it :(