Bob wanted to get out and ride some dirt. Said he’d dropped his bike while riding solo and didn’t think he should be doing that (while solo — he is seventy).

Bob did well, either that or he refused to say “uncle”.  He did get pushed, he had a few drops, but we were riding low-speed tight single-track, where most drops are quite literally stationary or very close.

We came up on “normal” logging roads, a bit steep and a bit muddy. Then up the water trail which isn’t as full of deep puddles as it will be soon, and around the north end of the lake. This was basically starting fairly easy and getting more difficult… parts of the north end of the lake qualify as “technical”.

Since he rode that fine, we moved on to the flat/slow single track, which IMHO is excellent practice for bike control. After that I went looking for a rock slab that was hoping we could use to practice drop-offs and step-ups, but we didn’t find anything. I did cut a couple lines into a rock pit that the logging co had “modified” to make less bike friendly. We also found some new single track in that area… part of which was “not flat” and consequently more difficult.