2018/11/04 – Rob, Dave, Dave, Shaun — Muir, Kirby, Muir, Tugwell Spur.

Rob was riding with some friends on the one day with good weather. I’d gotten the bike back together after some significant work (rings and valve seals). Let’s see if I get invited back :)

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May 19


The video covers most of it. It was “just” a light technical ride. We had a mix of riding skills, and it had rained hard the night before, so we skipped some of the more technical options that came up.

Unfortunately, when I was thinking of the Tugwell spur, I was thinking of the connection that the logging company had blocked, and forgot about the creek crossing.

On the GPX track, the red track from May is a more technical track, and includes the bits we left out (big rock, the loop just across from the campsite). It also includes the tugwell-spur by-pass that I thought we were going to need to use.

As the video title-page suggests, we drowned Dave B’s 701. Fortunately Shaun had the correct spark plug wrench, something I haven’t been carrying, but have started some enquiries for. (Obviously I could take the one from my workshop, but that socket + the 3/8″ driver would be serveral pounds. The OEM one should be _way_ lighter.)