2018/11/12 Looking for a Waterfall.

I’d seen a waterfall from across Muir valley many times. Last time I took a rough bearing and in combination with satellite imagery, I thought I could find it.
. Looking at the maps, topo, and sat images, it seemed there were two possible approaches… basically from below and from above. The below approach looked pretty rough when I stopped to check it out, so I rode on to the “from above” approach, and that worked out just fine. There probably are other falls farther down, so coming up the creek would still be an interesting hike. I have a little video, and I think I can edit into a nice short story. In the mean time, here are some of the stills I took.
View from about as far down as it was easy to get.
View looking west from the top
Darn fine place to have lunch. Running water, fine view, and warm (November!!) sun.
There’s a big tree running straight off the end of the road, IMHO that’s the easiest way across the salal.
Looking back up the road. I initially went down the hill to the right. It wasn’t a big mistake, but staying high and continuing off the end of the road was definitely easier.