2018/12/07 “missed” LIRC dirt ride

Blah. Swapped some gear around and got burned by it.

I picked up a street legal “400E” with a blown motor for not much more than the price of a street legal frame. I’d been looking for another rear wheel, and having another frame to build up and sell would be good, so this seemed like a steal. It wasn’t, all the “E” parts are gone, neither wheel is stock, and the motor is being expensive to fix.

Anyhow, it had a rear tire with LOTS more tread on it than my worn out Moto-Z mountain hybrid. The rim from the 400E is KTM and had a big sprocket on it, so I figured I’d swap the tire across… got that all setup before realizing the KTM rim is 19″ instead of the normal 18″, gah. Swapped it back to the KTM rim and put that on the bike… seems ok.

Met up with the LIRC rendezvous, led them up to Kapoor. Rear wheel seemed a bit funny, like it was wobbling. Turns out the tire was ancient (it had two codes on it, one looked current and the other was ancient). It basically split open, and the tube came out. Luke Taylor had the idea of basically putting a bandage on the inside of the tire, and I limped home on that.

The wheel after getting home. It’s an old Pirelli MT21. In theory the guy I bought the bike from rode to Princeton and back on it… but I couldn’t make it to Shawnigan !?

Needless to say, I was rather pissed off at having missing what should have been a great ride… so I ran downtown and grabbed a tire from Adrenaline, and mounted it that night.