2018/12/08 Solo ride, cracked rib

Having missed the big ride on Saturday, I wasn’t going to stay home Sunday.

I have video, but no pictures. There were a number of things I wanted to check out. There’s a westward running spur just north of the bridge on Muir (main, not east), which had a washout on it, and I was considering trying a trail that might lead around it. Turns out the logging co fixed the washout, and was restoring the road beyond.
Well, I ran up there, past where the road was restored, and into the section actively being restored, and was running over some of the little trees that were on the road when I messed up, and landed on the handlebar … apparently cracking a rib. (I probably separated it a bit from the cartilage that joins it to the sternum, which is new to me, cracked ribs are routine.)
So that killed the “real” exploring, it hurt a fair bit, but wasn’t really debilitating unless you needed full strength to wrestle the bike… So I back-tracked to Muir main, and decided to see what the fuss about East main was. Someone had said on a 4×4 group that it was badly washed out. I didn’t find much sign of that. I also got up to the big concrete dam (“diversion” by the map, vs bear creek dam). The water level was shockingly low.
There is a new (open) gate on East Main. It’s one of the waypoints in the track. If it’s locked, getting around it is going to be a problem, as it’s on the end of a bridge. It’s south of the East Main -> Muir main connection (Alligator “main”), so it’s not really a choke point.
I did play a bit at the south end of East Main, and on returning to the highway decided I’d do the Fishboat -> Muir connection, as that’s a good track I hadn’t run for a while. While up there, I talked to some hunters, who reminded me that Jacob creek is up there, and I hadn’t run from Jacob creek to Kirby Main in months. That was _not_ the best of ideas (solo with a damaged rib). The climb from the creek crossing was harder than I remember. I probably should have spent some time moving rocks around to clean the track up… and it was a real struggle to get the bike up one section.