Chris wanted to lay out an “easy” new-years-day (NYD) dirt ride that would be doable by big bikes (although perhaps not by newbies on big bikes).

Chris had suggested that Tugwell/Anderson ran all the way up to Butler and was driveable in normal vehicles. Turns out he was right. All the blockages that have been at the Butler / Tugwell intersection have been removed, and it’s sparkling new mainline there.

The route we took got rejected as too hard for big bikes, and with Tugwell being open from Butler, there’s no need for the wagonmeister connection. We also stopped at the waterfall.

Hhmm, looking back, there was a bit more to this, we did some good scouting. I learned that they’ve pulled out a bridge that used to be the primary access to the tugwell east area. There’s a bypass but it still pretty rough… good for an emergency exit, or a challenge.

new bypass is still “a bit rough”

And the Anderson gate by-pass has a muddy spot in it… just (15 meters?) past where the old rotten bridge got replace by a culvert (in 2018). There’s a bit of a ditch there, and it is pretty muddy.