2018/01/27 – almost nada

Didn’t get much of a ride in today, weather was questionable. Did get to see James “new to him” DT200. Did get a tiny bit of trail riding in. (no GPS, wasn’t expecting to offroad.)

2018/01/20 – Tugwell East -> Bill James -> Butler, with James and Luke

We managed to squeeze in a nice “aggressive” ride without getting heavily rained on. Colin Beck posted some video of the track up to the (defunct) Bill James dam, and none of us had been up there for a while, so after checking out a track that Luke had found, we headed up that way. We also checked out the foot of Old Young Lake road to see if there was a bypass for the chunk the logging companies removed (sort of), and then headed up “Oil Drum” (or wagonmeister or secret path, pick a name) to Butler, and down Butler to exit (gate was closed — someone said it was “always open these days!?”).

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2018/01/14 – Langford again

Out with Mike and James, staying near Mike’s place while he tries out a “new to him” bike that he bought for his son who will be turning sixteen soon. No pix. May have some video, but it will just be a bit of technical riding.