2018/02/20 – Ride to Chemainus and back.

Rode up to Chemainus to pick up some “soft bag racks”… for a DR650, hoping they would make a good starting point for DRZ racks. I’m not sure that idea is going to work, the plastics on the DRZ seem to swell out more… but the length is darn close… all mind games until I actually get a reasonable welder.

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2018/02/15 – Cowichan Area ride with Daniel

In theory this was a ride to get some drone footage. More pavement than most of my rides.

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2018/02/10 – Hard ride through Oliphant area, with James and Mike

Mike set the meeting for 9am. I thought it was early, but we’d have run out of daylight if we had started much later. A solid day of technical riding.

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2018/02/04 – Longish ride up to Tugwell Lake, then Alligator Lake, with Gerry, Luke, Scott.

Honestly, we had no business taking Gerry’s F800GS up to Tugwell. I knew it would be hard, but I have a hard time figuring out what Gerry can and can not do on that bike. (I’m not sure he can either. :)  Exited Tugwell Lake to Butler (hard), up Butler to East Main, down that to the Alligator Lake turn off where we split with Gerry (due to accumulated injuries). Luke, Scott and I up to the Lake… where we stopped to wait out some of the rain in the cabin. Then basically bee-lined it to the start of Muir Main. Muir gate bypass seems to be functioning normally.


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2018/02/03 – Tow job

LIRC trail ride collapsed. Caught up with Luke in Sooke, planned to ride up Tugwell spur and over to Alligator lake. Made the mistake of starting at Clark… which was an error as Tugwell Creek is running high. Ended up towing Luke and his bike to the foot of Anderson.