2018/04/22 – Road ride – Botanical beach

This was supposed to be 2-up road ride on the 640. It ended up being solo on the DRZ. “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men” and all that.

Oh right, I never wrote this up because there was a bear on the beach, and I _still_ haven’t looked at all the pictures I took with the big lens.

2018/04/21 – Nicki’s Nest & return to Sooke, with Luke

Another great ride with Luke. Always good to ride with folks with similar interests and skills. Got our fill of single-track this day. More to come.


Lots more to add… but I just thought I’d mention they’re working just across the Jordan River bridge that most of us would use to go up Mt Valentine. I considered trying to run down the east side of the river and then across toward the mine site. Luke and I tried it once before but turned around after pushing a couple hundred meters through alder and knowing the next intersection was about 4km away. Satellite imagery suggests we were actually half way through (the alder) to what looks like a good logging road.

2018/04/15 – Kirby to Muir (again) solo. Hard.

I went out with a vague plan/hope/idea to catch up to some friends. Ended up running some of the hardest trail I’ve done yet to date while solo.

The route was clockwise, and the first quarter took more than 3/4 of the time and energy.

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Status update

In case anyone is wondering if I finally rode off a cliff…. No. One of our dogs has taken ill, and it has messed up the daily routines… but she’s worth it :)

2018/04/03 – Mt Prevost with Nick G

A Drupal security advisory trashed my long weekend. Given the forecast, skipping this Tuesday was going to be my only chance to de-stress. Nick was looking for someone to ride with, it seemed a good match (I’ve ridden with him before).


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