2018/08/17-19 Molybdenite with James

A weekend+ trip, officially back to Molybdenite, but we expected the wildfire smoke to mess up the view. Neither of us had ridden either the east or west sides of Harrison lake. Throw in a couple hot springs and it sounded like a fine excuse to go riding…

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2018 - with James
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Still here, still riding / kicking (2018/08/12)

Sorry, haven’t had time to blog the big  Tuktoyaktuk Inuvik ride, may have to break it into chunks. It didn’t come out as planned, but there were no injuries beyond skinned knuckles and being sucked nearly dry of blood by the bugs. Lots of wrenching, too many zero mile days and consequently lots of high mileage days. I will get to it … sometime. Currently planning another trip to Molybdenite.