20181019-22 “Winter camping” … Two climbs with James and David

Weather forecast looked good, so I tried to stir up a camping ride. I got a little more than I bargained for.

I ended up with two shots that will go into my “Good” collection. This was the Friday night sunset from the 1000m level on the side of Heather Mountain.
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2018/10/13 – Oliphant with James and Mike

A great ride around Oliphant, great weather, great route, and good company.

View of Shawnigan Lake from Mt Baldy
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2018/10/10 – Mt Wood/Oliphant with Bob

Bob wanted to get out and ride some dirt. Said he’d dropped his bike while riding solo and didn’t think he should be doing that (while solo — he is seventy).

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2018/10/06 – Tugwell area with James and Mike

A “quick” ride with James and Mike in the Tugwell area (because we couldn’t get out of it).


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2018/09/29 – Long ride with Adam, James, and John

9:15 AM to 7:15 PM … whoops, (way) overdid it again.

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