2019/01/19 – Informal dirt ride with some LIRC folks

Got out on the Saturday with a couple other light bikes and “less timid” riders. Weather forecast was for showers until 2-3pm and then clearing. Well it wasn’t bad while we were riding, but got drenched riding home.

Some pix taken by Michael C.

Up “Lucky Lane”
Baby heads on the connector from M3000 to where we were last weekend… this track is notably easier than last weekends, but far from easy… especially when wet.
up at the end of Kirby (Brendan)

A few more, not sure who took these, one of Chris, Brendan, Michael, Alex . (I was the other rider, and these aren’t mine).

Michael’s KLX, two DRZ SM models, and Alex’s green DRZ. And my DRZ is behind the camera.
“The guru” … (who got his arse handed to him as the weak link 24 hours later.)
My bike at the east end of the “Muir East -> Butler” pass

Right, the video did get edited… a slightly different edit, targetted more at the riders than joe spectator.