2019/03/02 – volunteer work

This came out shockingly well.

Someone posted on the hare scramble group that they were looking for help for a clean-up crew at Tansky on the weekend… but they hadn’t picked between saturday or sunday. It looked like I wasn’t going to be able to go, and then the group ride fell through (some LIRC folks), so after some quick messaging, I joined Andy James for the VIDRA clean-up at Tansky.

I had hoped to meet folks, but I didn’t know I’d be riding out with one of the masters. Andy is the guy who laid out the BR15 track that I’ve been slowly trying to piece together. Apparently it was just over 100km of trail leading from Muir to Anderson. I didn’t check with him, but my understanding was that it was laid out for a race, but then the agreements were not reached, so the course couldn’t be used.

Anyhow, it was a hard day’s work. Didn’t make a huge dent in the TODO list, but cleaned up an area where they wanted to widen the road for a parking lot, and I cleared out the alder that were encroaching on the road while Andy cleared elsewhere. Assuming we keep riding the trails I have been riding, I need to get a small chainsaw.