2019/04/28 – Another Gary H ride.

Gary posted a ride invite on FB, planning to cut across the west shoulder of Mt Valentine on a track I have wanted to do for ages. James and I had made plans to camp the Saturday, but ammended those to rendezvous with Gary’s ride Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, AFAIK, the logging companies are still being hostile, so I’m not publishing most/many tracks. Hopefully I’ll get back to this post with pix. And as always, I’m backlogged on video editing. There was certainly lots of bushwhacking on this ride. That route along the shoulder of Valentine is rather overgrown (possibly unrideable when the alders are fully leaved).

Running N along the W side of Mt Valentine
Well, that would be a bit hard to ride through. A pity, the road is right there, just covered in logs. Back we go.
Looking W from Todd Mt (minor nav confusion here).
Pete’s Pond. Devin, James, Dylon, Gary
One of Devin’s lookouts above Eagle Heights.
Another of Devon’s Lookouts, this one is a little bit of a walk. Cold here too. Apparently this used to be a hang gliding launch site.