2019/05/19 – Sooke to Shawnigan – with James and Johny

James said Johny wanted to take a 450L demo bike out for a dual-sport ride. I wasn’t keen on the Sooke to Shawnigan ride, as much of it is fairly boring mainline… but I agreed to go to the rendezvous and decide from there whether to go solo or with the group at that point.

It ended up being a fine ride. A little warm up detour through the edge of the Clark Rd area. Entrance at the far end of Muir, up Muir, East main, Butler to Williams Creek main. A spirited run up that to Kapoor. East on Kapoor to some of Devin’s single track and some messing about to cross Hank’s highway and exit on Kapoor hill / Kapoor.

Andy White on his Aprilla, Ross ? on a DR 650, Ed on a 690, Gareth on a DRZ, Johny on the 450L, plus James and myself.