2019/06/15 – A couple hours at Tansky – with Dean, Gerry, James, Luke

The GPX track basically shows three loops. The first one was everyone, and some of it was just plain “stoopid” to be doing on dualsports. (That last leg going North to N300.) The second loop goes up beside Tansky and came out Lars Legacy, that was Dean, James and I. The last loop was me exploring the last bits of the Jr Enduro loop that I hadn’t yet done.

The Jr Enduro loop is a good “intermediate” ride on a DRZ. Actually, most of the riding we did either fit that category, or the “stoopid” one. By intermediate, I mean that a couple guys with basic skills (past “beginner” and getting into “novice”) on light dualsports (DRZs or lighter) shouldn’t have any real trouble getting from A to B. They might need to push/help each other in spots, and they might be exhausted faster than normal, but they are unlikely to find their bikes stuck in a valley / cliff bottom and unable to get out. That said, some stength/endurance will be required to fill in the skill gap.


I pulled out the mountain bike and was trying to learn to wheelie it. It might be co-incidence, but I seemed to find myself with the front wheel up notably higher this ride. In fact, I “looped” the bike at one point (very steep section with a step up in it)… stood it on end and it fell sideways. What bugs me was that I’d just rode James 500 EXC up that section… not easily, but without needing help. Anyhow, the mountain bike _seems_ to have tamed some fear of lifting that front wheel.

I seem to have strained the ligaments in my right knee. I was running through the berm’ed up section of the jr loop (bottom east to west section)… clearly a bit too fast. I decided to take an alternate line to the right of a tree but the bike didn’t make it (front wheel washed out… might have been a root I didn’t see). Got off the bike OK, but it stopped at the tree, and I (still moving) couldn’t get around the handle bar.

Luke posted a few pix to his FB timeline. I’ve got lots of video, but I doubt I’ll get to editing it. I was too tired at the end to demo anything very well, and much of the rest of it is me riding sweep.

p.s. Skip the trail from the lower parking lot. It’s just meaningless work, loose dirt at the bottom, rock gardens at the top. There’s enough fun trail at Tansky to consume all the energy you have without sweating that one. On that note, it might be worth spending an hour clearing the biggest rocks out of those rock gardens?