2019/06/23 – Tansky with Dylan

This was supposed to be a big ride. There were 4 dual sports going, and a big dirt bike ride led by Andy.

James and Kory bailed on the dual-sports, leaving Dylan and me. The dirt bikes were late to start, so Andy told us to go for a short warm-up ride. Apparently we went too long, as the dirt bikes had left before we got back. It was still a fine day, Dylan and I explored some of the north-eastern part of the area that I hadn’t been too, as well as visiting some “known good” tracks.

Dylan and I found ourselves on multiple tracks that had expert sections and by-passes. Andy explained later that the by-passes were added for the races. While experts can ride the expert sections, they can’t do it over and over on a multi-hour race.

I don’t have much for stills, and while I believe I have lots of video, I doubt I will get to editing it.