2019/07/21 – Tansky with Kory

A good solid day of technical single track.

I hadn’t ridden one on one with Kory, and didn’t know what to expect. We started off running the same route that I had ridden the previous week with Chris, but in the reverse/downhill direction I had originally intended. It turns out that using Kory as a yardstick to measure trail difficulty isn’t going to work, he’s basically riding at the same level I am, which means I can’t watch where he gets stuck to find the hard bits.

He is using more muscle than I am, and apparently tiring a little faster (yeah me, I’ve got 20 years on him), but given that his bike is 40 pounds heavier and he is 30 pounds lighter than me … that isn’t much of a surprise.

But yeah, I was surprised at how well he did on that big 650.

I have a GPX track, next to no stills, and one battery worth of video.

Trev’s traverse is a good solid hard climb for intermediate+ dual sport riders. Kory figured it was the hardest trail he’d yet ridden (and he did fine).

I’m not sure why, but I was catching my feet all over the place. Then again, we were clearly pushing it a bit. I broke my shift lever, knocked the springs off the kick-stand, and remember hitting the left fork tube on a rock (on TT). To be honest, taking a bit of bike damage eases my guilt a bit, as the folks riding with me have been racking up similar damage, while I had been getting away un-scathed.